Alfalfa Plants for Holistic Health and Nutrition

Upon hearing the word ‘alfalfa’, many things may come to people’s minds. While some think of a funny character featured in short films, others think of the sprouts that are often used to accentuate the flavor of salads and sandwiches. Given alfalfa sprouts’ taste and structure, did you know that these are good for the health as well?

Alfalfa sprouts have been used for their medicinal properties for over a thousand years. The plant is known to be a potent source of calcium, protein, and other vitamins and minerals. It’s commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat kidney and digestive tract disorders. It’s also used in traditional Indian medicine to treat poor digestion; alfalfa paste may also be used to treat boils. Given their medicinal properties, it’s not surprising why alfalfa is commonly used in holistic nutrition.

A lot of people claim that alfalfa is also highly effective for arthritis, water retention, and for promoting radiant skin and energy levels. With these characteristics, alfalfa plants can prove to be beneficial for many people. For one, the plant is high in Vitamin A, which is useful in clearing one’s skin, fighting viral infections, and promoting healthy eyesight.

Alfalfa is an excellent source of calcium. Holistic health practitioners often include alfalfa sprouts in their holistic health and healing diet to promote healthy teeth and bones. If you have osteoporosis or simply have low levels of calcium in your body, a sprinkling of alfalfa sprouts on food can balance your body’s calcium levels.

Alfalfa is a natural diuretic, making it effective against water retention. Plus, it’s a powerful antioxidant and is effective in reducing cholesterol levels and promotes better cardiovascular health. Having alfalfa in your holistic health and healing diet can control your levels of insulin and keep diabetes in check.

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Natural Health and Beauty Supplements

The popularity of Natural Health and Beauty Products has risen over the last several years.

With more and more focus, along with government initiatives, to go ‘green’, the industry has seen a surge in popularity for these types of remedies and supplements amongst consumers. Every year people are making the move to more natural and organic health and beauty products.

Perhaps the confidence with these products stems from them being made from all natural ingredients. This means they are not only safer and healthier for your body, but also safer for the environment.

And when it comes to medicines and treatments, people are trusting ‘Western Medicine’ less and less and they’re turning to alternative ‘Natural’ methods more and more.

Whether you need a natural product to help give you glowing radiant skin, or an alternative way to manage your colon health, there’s a product out there. Natural Weight Gain for example, is a big market.

The benefits to your overall health are hard to measure, but it’s not uncommon to see people completely switch from using non-natural products to only using natural and organic products once they’ve tried them out.

This probably explains why its become easier than ever to obtain natural remedies. There is a wide range of products available and consumers are able to choose a product for almost every single aspect of their lifestyle.

And with the power of the internet more and more products are becoming available everyday.

Really, if you look at the growing number of diseases and problems over the years, it’s no wonder people are leaving behind all these chemically enhanced products and choosing to take the natural alternative.

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Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

Just because the media doesn’t think favourably about alternative therapies in health and medicine (why would they, they depend enormously on revenue gained from drug advertisements), doesn’t mean to say that they are not hugely successful in the areas they treat.

Take homeopathy. Did you know that homeopathy can heal poisonous snake bites? And cataracts? And cancer?

Well, to be strictly honest, homeopathy doesn’t do the healing. It frees those blockages within you, so that you can heal yourself. It does this by treating you, not the disease you have. This is unique in health and medicine, let alone alternative therapies in health and medicine.

Few people are aware of the enormous scope homeopathy has. It’s kept well hidden by vicious media attacks. This is totally understandable when you realize that homeopathy is low cost. That anyone can do a lot of good using a few common remedies at home, without knowing very much.

This is a huge threat to the lucrative profits of the big pharmaceutical industry.

But does it help you?

Let’s look at a few examples.

A woman was suffering from a cerebral stroke and in a coma. After a month of futile treatments, doctors declared her case as hopeless.

Luckily for her, a homeopath was brought in.

Her unique symptoms before and during the stroke were taken.

She was given a common homeopathic remedy, one which is found in all first aid kits for home prescribing, regularly. Within two days she was moving her eyes, blinking and made efforts to speak. After one week she talking, moving her neck and asking for food. Within one month she walking with support. Shortly after, she recovered of all her mental functions. – Reference Homeopathy 4 Everyone May 2009

Let’s look at another case.

A newly trained hospital doctor was given the job of overseeing the hopeless cases of hepatitis C. With little to do and an open mind, he began searching for something outside the scope of medicine, something perhaps within the scope of alternative therapies in health and medicine.

He discovered that alpha lipoic acid (an antioxidant) was a great healer for toxic livers. After giving his patients this supplement, they all recovered.

Sadly his colleagues couldn’t afford this to come out, as it threatened their careers and their reputations. – Reference Dr. Berskson’s book ‘The Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough’

Yet another case showing how thorough practitioners have to be when using alternative therapies in health and medicine.

A young medical student was taken seriously ill suddenly. She visited doctor after doctor. She was prescribed everything from antibiotics to antidepressants and everything in between. Not one doctor asked her what had changed in her life just prior to becoming sick.

Eventually she worked it out for herself. Since starting at university, her diet had changed from good home cooking to eating hot dogs on the run. Once she eliminated the hot dogs and their sodium nitrate preservative from her diet, she fully regained her health.

Take control of your own health. Look beyond your comfort zone for health care and nutrition. Have an open mind. You’ll be amazed at how healthy you can become.

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3 Types of Health and Medicine Classes

Health & medicine classes are in demand among both those who want to start a career in the health industry and health care professionals who want to advance their current career in the field. Health & medicine classes cover a wide range of programs that focus on providing training and education on specific fields of health care and medicine such as medical transcription, alternative and holistic medicine, nursing, medical billing and coding, and nutrition.

Medical billing and coding specialists, for one, are very much in demand in hospitals, public and private clinics, and other health care facilities. Taking up medical billing and coding classes is extremely helpful, if not required, if you want to start a career in the health care industry. Below are some of the popular types and examples of health & medicine classes offered in both on-campus and online educational institutions:

Healthcare Administration Classes

Healthcare administration classes are popular among registered nurses and nurse practitioners who want to advance their career and hold a supervisory position in their place of work. Those who have a background in business administration and organizational behavior and want to pursue a medical career also take up health care administration classes to make them qualified to work as hospital or clinic administrators. Among the topics commonly taken up in health care administration classes are medical ethics, insurance coding, medical ethics and terminology, medical transcription and billing, and health care law.

Medical Billing and Coding Classes

These classes are designed to teach students the ins and outs of recording and updating patient records and filing and submitting claims to health care and insurance companies. In these classes, students are taught the specific codes that are used to indicate which specific treatments the patients have been receiving so that these will be charged properly to the patients’ insurance policy. Most of the medical billing and coding classes offered in schools are designed for beginners, however, there are also advanced classes available to prepare students for certification exams.

Food Science and Nutrition Classes

These classes are designed to provide students with information on how various nutrients and food components affect human health. Food science and nutrition classes cover relevant topics on chemistry, physiology, nutrition, and biology. In most schools, students are allowed to choose a specific field of nutrition to focus on such as holistic nutrition, clinical nutrition, and sports nutrition.

These are just three of the more popular health & medicine classes that you can sign up for both in online schools and on-campus institutions. Other popular classes include those on alternative medicine, medical transcription, and nursing.

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9 Spanish Vocabulary Words And Phrases For Health And Medicine

In this Spanish vocabulary lesson, we will learn 9 important Spanish vocabulary words and phrases related to health and medicine that I think you may want to know. I have found myself having to use these words in Latin America in regular conversations so I can assure you that these are useful words to know.

Before we jump in today’s Spanish lesson, I do want to make a disclaimer. I am not a medical doctor or health care professional. The Spanish words covered in this lesson are simply words that a layperson would find useful when going to a pharmacy to make purchase, having a conversation with his or her doctor, etc.

1. Yeso – cast

Ella tiene un yeso en el brazo roto.
She has a cast on her broken arm.

2. Muletas – crutches

Pedro tenía una pierna rota y necesitaba muletas para poder caminar.
Pedro had a broken leg and needed crutches so that he was able to walk.

3. Pomada – ointment

Me estoy frotando la pomada.
I am rubbing the ointment on me.

4. Gotas – drops

Te has puesto las gotas en los ojos.
You have put the drops in your eyes.

5. Jarabe – syrup

Juancito está tomando un jarabe para la tos y dice que sabe horrible.
Little Juan/John is taking a cough medicine and he says that it tastes horrible.

6. Curita – band aid

Me corté con el filo de una hoja de papel y me puse una curita porque me ardía mucho.
I cut myself with the edge of a sheet of paper and I put a band aid on because it burned a

7. Venda – Bandage

Me cubrí la rodilla golpeada con una venda.
I covered my bumped knee with a bandage.

8. Herida – injury or wound

Ya me he cubierto la herida.
I have already covered my wound.

9. Cicatriz – scar

Esa cicatriz me quedó desde que me operaron del apéndice.
That scar has remained with me since they operated on my appendix.

This concludes today’s Latin American Spanish vocabulary lesson covering 9 important Spanish vocabulary words and phrases related to health and medicine. In closing, I want to give you some important information about Latin American culture. Although you will not find the huge pharmacy chains that you will find in the United States, the pharmacies in Latin America often sell many products and drugs that you would need a prescription for in the United States. In Latin American pharmacies, it is not uncommon for pharmacists to give customers injections.

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Holistic Health and Its Benefits

Do you want to attain high quality of life? A lot of people nowadays are seeking preventive health care programs or holistic health and medicine. Holistic health is defined as a state of wellness and vitality that brings harmony to oneself on all areas of life such as physical, mental and spiritual. Holistic medicine is a type of care where treatments focused on preventive care.

The first step to health and well being is education. You may attend programs, workshops, classes and free lectures to know different topics of natural healing and in the restoration of your body, mind and spirit. You can take responsibility for your well being through massages, body work sessions, chiropractic care, homeopathic and herbal remedies, diagnostic health analysis, biofeedback, meditation, yoga, nutritional counseling, guided imagery and other types of self-nurturing. Books and tapes on relaxation and meditation are available as well. Practicing this preventive medicine can lead to a longer, happier, healthier life.

As they say, there is more to massage than meets the hand. The art of massage had long existed and used thousand years ago by ancient Greek and Roman physicians as a means of healing the sick people. Nowadays, massage can offer relief and enhance the function of your body after all the pain, stress and tension. It also helps increase your sense of well-being. As we all know, touch is the first to develop of all the senses and the most important for life and development. It is clear that how much we are touched in a caring way affects our self-esteem and values in life.

Massage is a system of manipulating or kneading and applying pressure to the soft tissue of the body to bring on a state of total relaxation. There are many types of massage that you can choose from. Swedish massage is a popular type of massage. However, all forms of massage can be effective as preventive medicine and assure a sense of rejuvenation for all who feel run down or burnt out. Preventive care in holistic approach will help you achiever happier and healthier life.

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