9 Spanish Vocabulary Words And Phrases For Health And Medicine

In this Spanish vocabulary lesson, we will learn 9 important Spanish vocabulary words and phrases related to health and medicine that I think you may want to know. I have found myself having to use these words in Latin America in regular conversations so I can assure you that these are useful words to know.

Before we jump in today’s Spanish lesson, I do want to make a disclaimer. I am not a medical doctor or health care professional. The Spanish words covered in this lesson are simply words that a layperson would find useful when going to a pharmacy to make purchase, having a conversation with his or her doctor, etc.

1. Yeso – cast

Ella tiene un yeso en el brazo roto.
She has a cast on her broken arm.

2. Muletas – crutches

Pedro tenía una pierna rota y necesitaba muletas para poder caminar.
Pedro had a broken leg and needed crutches so that he was able to walk.

3. Pomada – ointment

Me estoy frotando la pomada.
I am rubbing the ointment on me.

4. Gotas – drops

Te has puesto las gotas en los ojos.
You have put the drops in your eyes.

5. Jarabe – syrup

Juancito está tomando un jarabe para la tos y dice que sabe horrible.
Little Juan/John is taking a cough medicine and he says that it tastes horrible.

6. Curita – band aid

Me corté con el filo de una hoja de papel y me puse una curita porque me ardía mucho.
I cut myself with the edge of a sheet of paper and I put a band aid on because it burned a

7. Venda – Bandage

Me cubrí la rodilla golpeada con una venda.
I covered my bumped knee with a bandage.

8. Herida – injury or wound

Ya me he cubierto la herida.
I have already covered my wound.

9. Cicatriz – scar

Esa cicatriz me quedó desde que me operaron del apéndice.
That scar has remained with me since they operated on my appendix.

This concludes today’s Latin American Spanish vocabulary lesson covering 9 important Spanish vocabulary words and phrases related to health and medicine. In closing, I want to give you some important information about Latin American culture. Although you will not find the huge pharmacy chains that you will find in the United States, the pharmacies in Latin America often sell many products and drugs that you would need a prescription for in the United States. In Latin American pharmacies, it is not uncommon for pharmacists to give customers injections.

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